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    Affiliation details

    Registration fees for participants include: meeting kit, program handouts, admittance to scientific sessions, certificate of attendance, lunch on session days and coffee/refreshments at breaks. 

    *The country group is based upon the official classification of the World Bank and refers to your work and correspondence address:
    Group A – High Income Countries
    Group B – Upper-middle-income countries
    Group C – Lower-middle-income countries
    Group D – Low income countries

    REGISTRATION FEESRegistration price
    Registration : from 16 April to 06 June, 2023
    Participant: High Income country PAY HERE 400 EUR
    Participant: Upper-middle income country PAY HERE 350 EUR
    Participant: Low income country PAY HERE 300 EUR
    Accompanying persons PAY HERE 115 EUR
    Onsite Registration: from 07 June, 2023
    Participant: High Income country PAY HERE 450 EUR
    Participant: Upper-middle income country PAY HERE 400 EUR
    Participant: Low income country PAY HERE 350 EUR
    Accompanying persons PAY HERE 125 EUR
    Registration Fees for Members of the Host and Zone 10 Member Society
    Early registration PAY HERE 175 EUR
    Registration PAY HERE 225 EUR
    Onsite registration PAY HERE 275 EUR
    Accompanying persons PAY HERE 100 EUR
    Participants at a Reduced Registration Fee
    Affiliated health care professionals (nurses, psychologists, etc) PAY HERE 150 EUR
    Students PAY HERE 40 EUR
    Service users and carers PAY HERE 40 EUR

    Participants with a waived registration fee:
    – WPA Executive Committee, Board and Council Members
    – WPA Standing Committee Members
    – Speakers, chairpersons, press, guests
    – Fellowship Program

    *Participation is not limited


    Payment for registration fees may be made by bank transfer*, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) or invoice to your institution. Registration fees must be pre-paid in full.

    Attention! The debited amount from the credit card may not match the EUR amount mentioned above due to exchange rates EUR and Armenian Drams.

    Kindly refer to the registration form for details.

    Bank payment requisites in EURO


    Beneficiary name: JUST TRAVEL LLC            

    Beneficiary account No.: 1930054195390204            

    Beneficiary Bank: CONVERSE BANK CJSC, YEREVAN, ARMENIA,          

    SWIFT: COVBAM22             

    Correspondent Bank: COMMERZBANK AG, FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GERMANY            


    VAT code 026347237

    Bank payment requisites in AMD


    Կոնվերս Բանկ ՓԲԸ

    Հ/Հ 1930054195390100

    *Please ensure that the name/s of the participant/s and Cogress are clearly stated on the bank transfer purpose field. Bank charges are the responsibility of the payer and should be paid at source in addition to the registration fees.


    Our refund policy is based upon receiving notification as follows:

    Received until April 8, 2023 – full refund less 50 EUR handling fee

    Received as of April 9, 2023 and before May 8, 2023 – 50% refund

    Received as of May 9, 2023 – no refund

    For further information regarding registration please contact:

    Just Travel LLC

    [email protected]