Conference Venue: Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan **** ​

Official Language

The Conference official language is English​.


Prior to booking your ticket, don’t forget to ensure that your passport is valid until at least 3 months after entry into Armenia.
Participants from most countries do not require a visa to enter Armenia, but we suggest that you check this on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia with the following link.​​​​

Those participants, who need official invitation for obtaining Armenian Visa, need to contact us [email protected] for arrangement of invitation approval by State Authorities. In order to apply for the official invitation, which is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, the participants need:

  1. To send us their passport copies, including the following information: Passport number, passport type, date of issue, date of expiry, issuing authority, citizenship, date of birth (day / month / year)
  2. Reference about your workplace, indicating your occupied position and the web-site of your company.
    Mobile telephone number
  3. Sex
  4. Place of birth (Country / Province / Province)
  5. Place of residence (Country / Province / Province)
  6. Nationality
  7. Residence permit of another country, if you live and work in a different from you nationality country
  8. Invitation approval and visa support payment 40 USD
  9. Contact e-mail: [email protected]

Climate and Clothing

The weather in Yerevan in June is hot with highs of approx. 23°-28°C during the day and lows of 24°C in the evening. Clothing is informal for all occasions.

Local Currency

The local currency in Armenia is the ARMENIAN DRAM (AMD).

As of today (January 2023):

1 USD = 396 AMD

1 EUR = 429 AMD

1 RUB = 5.77 AMD

Important Notes

Personal travel, luggage and health insurance are recommended. Please purchase this from your local travel agent. Kindly note the organizers and other sponsors cannot be responsible for participants lacking appropriate insurance coverage in case of need. Just Travel shall not be held responsible for and shall be exempt from all liability in respect of any loss, damage, injury or accident, to any person or his or her luggage or any other property, for any reason whatsoever.

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